I am sorry to remark that too few people share with others applications or whatever information they have which may benefit everyone. An easy chesed everyone can do.

It can be about anything: banks, paying systems, shops, very pleasant experiences with a company or service [or the opposite]…….If it seems good to me I will publish this via my site EVEN if I am not a consumer’s site!.

Some people seem to hate Amazon, for various reasons. I can tell you from huge experience that I have not met ANY company that has such an excellent client service [I bought hundreds of books for them and some other stuff] and if you have to chat with them about any issue they will take all the time to solve your problem in a polite [and not with lack of patience ] way and the fact that you can judge kindle book [for those who know what this is] for free for a week and return it if it does not fit is extremely clever from their perspective and helps anyone decide if he wants the book or not.

It is not for nothing that they have become an IMPERIUM with the help of the Almighty and the more so is that their status/greatness did not cause them to ignore complaints, individual clients .