We were brought up with colchicine in medical school in the seventies and I have used it often for gout.

It is extremely effective for this condition [HIGHLY SPECIFIC!] but sometimes it always works for other pains but is less specific in these cases.

The drug is safe but can be life-dangerous if used without CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS and I have seen it being prescribed in Israel without ANY explanations to the patient…. absolutely irresponsible.

I wrote about this drug in the past in connection with Covid already, and again it is a big riddle why hospital doctors have not used this for their severe sick covid patients [in initial stages]

Ancient Greek drug could cut COVID-19 deaths – Israeli scientist

Prof. Ami Schattner: “Initial results are promising to say the least.”

By MAAYAN JAFFE-HOFFMAN Published: DECEMBER 14, 2021 17:37
Updated: DECEMBER 14, 2021 18:02

First in Israel: Mastectomy performed completely by ‘hands’ of a robotSo far, four controlled studies of a total of around 6,000 coronavirus patients have been published on the effect of colchicine, Schattner said, Some 50 years ago, using the drug to treat FMF was verified by researchers at Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer not only against the sharp attacks associated with the disease and their prevention but also in protection against a serious complication of FMF –amyloidosis, which affects the kidneys.Most recently, several studies have started to prove its effectiveness in the treatment of acute pericarditis (swelling around the heart and in the prevention of post-cardiac injury syndrome and atrial fibrillation following cardiac surgery. “As is well known, patients who have had a heart attack are at a significantly increased risk of recurrence and stroke, and these are very many patients,” Schattner said. “Studies from recent years have found that thanks to its anti-inflammatory activity on the atherosclerotic layers in the arteries, colchicine in small daily doses is able to effectively protect these patients. “The level of protection was to the point of preventing about half of the recurrent events, and this impressive beneficial effect was also achieved in patients who had already undergone therapeutic catheterization and had taken optimal preventive treatment by aspirin and statins,” he added. “”This is important news for a very large number of patients.”When can the drug start being used to help COVID patients?Further randomized controlled trials are needed to confirm these preliminary results, according to Schattner, which he believes will likely lead to expanding indications for low-dose colchicine. But he said there is no reason that the drug could not start being used right now.הדברים שאתם חייבים לדעת על הברוקר שלכםSponsored by www.inter-il.com/blogRecommended by“Even though initial data on the effect of colchicine on coronavirus patients is very promising, more patients need to be in randomized controlled trials,” Schattner said. “But that would not prevent me from using the drug already in patients with high risk to hopefully lower their chances of developing severe disease. “The drug is low-cost for the patients and the community,” he continued. “By using it in corona patients, we have nothing to lose and much to gain.”