This is “old news”, but good to realize again:

It seems that a daily regimen of aspirin decreases the risk of heart-related ailments [not everyone should take aspirin !!]
The best time to take a daily aspirin is at nighttime to protect your heart. In a recent study, people with mild hypertension who waited until bedtime to take an aspirin
tablet lowered their systolic blood pressure by an average of 7 points after 3 months.
Those who did not take an aspirin or who took aspirin in the morning showed no change in blood pressure.

If you’re taking daily aspirin for your heart, don’t use coated aspirin. It won’t protect your stomach AND not all the aspirin will get into your blood stream. You’re better off with chewable “baby aspirin.” or soluble aspirin [1/4 tbl of 500 mg]