Aspirin and other blood thinners

Stopping heart attacks and strokes. Marjoram is used as a blood thinner in Iranian folk medicine, noted a team of researchers from the University of Tehran. When they tested the spice in the laboratory, they found it cut platelet aggregation (the clumping of blood components that form artery-clogging blood clots) by 40 percent. This observation provides “the basis for the traditional use” of marjoram “in treatments of cardiovascular diseases and thrombosis [blood clots],” wrote the researchers in the journal Vascular Pharmacology.( Healing Spices )

May more spices[and foods] and some sup.plements are working as bloof thinners [coves!!,cinnamon ,ginger turmeric, GiNKGO, ashwaghanda, chondrotin nattolinase,NAC Some just a bit and some stronger

For anyone with asthma [children!], diabetes, the tendency for blood clots [thrombosis, especially before flying!][ and macular degeneration] :Eat regularly PLENTY of kiwis!!