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My remarks:

From an Iranian compound *ha-maz-an- “(one) fighting together” [Watkins]

[see the second link]

Mazon[zan] in Hebrew has to do with food [birkat ha-mazon=blessing over bread]

Lechem= bread: many explanations ,one of them that part of the process of bread-making was “beating” the dough!)[kneading= the parts come together= Hebrew karov and krav = war. Also bread itself was the reasons for wars! Milchama. which the root lechem in it=krav=war—coming opposite [near] each others to fight, even if new warfare changed a lot!

So the Iranian compound *ha-maz-an– “(one) fighting together” [Watkins][see the second seems very logic and fitting in this picture]

Then there is an English word with the same sound: amass. What may this have to do with Amazon

From the vocabulary: What is the synonym of Amass? conglomerate, gather, mass, pile (up), stack (up)

Languages are amazing and in this week Parashat Noach we see how G-d “created” all the various languages in Bavel[Babel] by “mixing up” the words to stop the building of the tower of Babel.

Maybe we can say that we all speak Hebrew is some way!?