Hi Dr. I read the piece on baby aspirin. todah rabbah. It seems that these pills don’t work on a sizable minority of patients, and thus it’s important to take the Aspirinworks test to see if I’m part of the minorty. I’ll see what I can do. In the meantime, I won’t stop the coated tablets. Until last month, I was taking tritace (ramipril) for slightly elevated B/P. When I ran out of it, I began taking an Indian product called mukta vati, and my B/P is fine. kol tuv and choref bari

My answer to him:

Thanks for your important remarks. It seems indeed that solvable aspirin may often work better if there is aspirin “resistance”
Mukta vati, is well known to me and especially patients with a fast pulse may do well on this and it is probably one of the best medicines to prevent atrial fibrillation[plenty of literature about this!]” Of course” not recognized by cardiologists …..
As a nice detail I just read tonight that Rav Chaim Kaniievsky wrote [parashart Noach[ that all edible food was brought in the ark of Noach [mikol ma-achal] but also “unedible herbs” as medicines …..His words: every food that is eaten includes even plants and the like that can be processed for medical purposes.