In the very beginning of the corona–covid-19 epidemic [or by whatever name it is now called] I wrote you about the possibility of trying a nosode [” a kind of homeopathy/ isopathy” which is very close to Western vaccination without ANY risk] of the covid-19 virus itself. This can be produced in every country within days for pennies!!

And it could be adapted for ANY NEW STRAIN, AGAIN WITHIN days and costing pennies. This may only happen if the Creator would open the doors for this and it would be heavily fought against by the industry. In the meantime we should be uttermost thankful for all the success we had in Israel and let’s hope that we know all the truth.

I wrote this because I have ab excellent experience with the treatment of MONONUCLEOSIS[ EBV] with the nosode EBV on a limited scale [tens of patients during the years]

I thought that the only reason this was not tried could be because of political ‘LEGAL REASONS[FEARS]

I am sending you now the experience of an Indian homeopath [I don’t know why he would not use / propagate this widely in India!?[or maybe he does] That he thinks that the covid-19 nosode in itself may nor work maybe again out of fear to work with it[legally] and not because of this theoretical arguing.