Anyone should feel free of course to get vaccinated!!

I promised to keep you updated on patients who are taking Portulaca -ON A REGULAR BASE- and got Corona.

If I hear from others that someone takes Portulaca and got Corona I try to call and ask for all information.

In all such case it came out that the person HAD been taking in the past Portulaca or is taking it now and then only. Even so -Baruch Ha-Shem no one has been really sick , hospitalized or worse

Just a week ago a woman[62] got Corona after her son came home with an infection and they did not keep any precautions because she thought it would be good to get the disease. She was taking Portulaca as prescribed[and echinacea] Firts her husband got positive and hardly sick [ bit fever] and then she got it. She had high fever[no acamol!], no cough , NO SHORTNESS OF BREATH.

AFTER A FEW DAYS of high fever I suggested to her to try DOXYLIN because she may have a lung infection and no one examined her [Mycoplasma??] After 3 doses of Doxylin the fever went down and she felt better.

All I have seen now is that even those who became positive never suffered from dyspnea [shortness of breath] and since 2009 it is known [to me at least] that Portulaca seems to protect the lungs!

On male -highly compromised- patient told me recently that he did[had to do for technical reasons] a test and that the doctor called him to tell him that he had exceptional high level of antibodies. He is taking regularly Portulaca and has not been sick at all!

Conclusion after a year: Portulaca seems to be highly protective against getting “SICK” from Corona if taken regularly. I don’t know how many people are taking it but quite a few have been moving “freely around” [with masechot] It maybe that patients do get infected without symptoms and develop antibodies but this I can’t really proof on any big scale. I also have no way of telling if taking Portulaca prevents spread of the virus because nobody examined this

I really PRAY DAILY that this will stay so and that this “blessed herb/vegetable” may keep working independent of whatever”strains”.

Mi yiten that any health service would be interested to do official research.[warning: nothing to earn on this! Maybe you want to try to forward this to the MOH……….I gave up!

The first update copied below:


Portulaca and Covid-19: Update

February 26, 2021