I sent you a strange mail a short while ago where I expressed my opinion that this should be checked as soon as possible and if this is misleading then serious steps should be taken[it was already strange that it was anonymous!] This was the mail I sent and below a commentary from an official statistician [I asked a few people to look at it because it was too complictaed for me]


This was forwarded to me, I don’t know who is the person speaking in the video.

Commentary from statistician:

Good night,

Didn’t read it all. However, from just looking at part of it, its enough for me to conclude that its FAKE News!!!

See below few examples.

Fake News!! Below see the Original part from the Original Doc (https://www.gov.il/BlobFolder/reports/vaccine-priorities-board/he/files_publications_corona_vaccine-priorities-board-21012021.pdf)

Only 0.005% died which are 120 of 2400000 (not 4800)!!!

Now here is the fake:

I suspect the Hebrew: You don’t say “חוסנו כך וכך חיסונים…”…

3000 of 2400000 = 0.00125 = 0.125% (not 0.7%)!

If 3000 = 0.7% then 100% should be 428572… (not 2400000)!

Therefore, 0.2% dead are 857 (not 4800)!

The % don’t sum to 100%…