Anyone who is capable of analyzing this report has an “obligation” to do so for the sake of Israel!

Anyhow, I could definitely not follow all his statements [or even a big part of them] This would take me weeks and even then I may not be able to judge….It seems on the surface at least that this is not a “simple soul” with overflowing emotions that he can’t control. If what he is claiming from the documents/numbers is true then an extreme urgent INVESTIGATION is required by the best statisticians we have and even by international experts.

If he is willingly falsifying data [who can understand this , but a very few] then a law case should be opened against him as soon as possible. I trust that the MOH knows how to do this. If it is a bad as he shows it, is then whole am Israel should know about this.

May the TRUTH comes forth soon, B”H!