I promised you to keep you updated on Portulaca and Corona.

I sent you already a report that I have not heard from any of my patients-who take regularly portulaca [and echinacea] that they have been sick with corona [I can’t say that they did not get infected with the virus because no one was really sick and therefore was not examined . I am speaking about patients who were really taking the drops on a regular basis! This until now.

This week 2 patients reported me that they contracted Corona [positive test] I will describe you the 2 patients.

One woman with a severe long time asthma who takes a low dose of prednisone [10 mg every other day [this is LESS than 5 mg daily!] She got a moderate fever for 4 days , was not really sick and NOT short of breath. I advised her to take a few days doxycycline as well [which she also took now and the in the past] This whole year she has been feeling remarkable well.

Other women: one day some fever: test positive, next day feeling fine again!

Now I am going to write you something remarkable, and before I am attacked by any of the readers or the MOH you/they better read the article [link] below

The last woman was moving quite freely around, and she got positive a few days after her husband got vaccinated, but she herself got hardly sick. Her husband was quite sick from the vaccination she told me.

The first woman also got infected and sick soon after a family member at home [and a good friend which she has regular contact with] were vaccinated.

I don’t know what this all means but Dr Campbell in a video mentioned that soon after the vaccination campaign in Israel started the positive cases in Israel doubled [after a few weeks it leveled off!] and he had no clear explanation for this [in my eyes] and he suggested that this possible had to do with a new strain or fewer precautions of the population!

I don’t claim any connection but do report these facts of 2 patients. That not all is totally clear one can read in the Jerusalem post link [second link] below. This SHOULD-of course- NOT WITHHOLD ANYONE to go for a vaccination if they planned to do so.


We should all pray [even for those of us who have still have doubt about this vaccine] that this will go on and that no future damage will ever be reported , as we should not wish anyone bad of course.

I also pray that MOH may consider asking about portulaca and that pride may not prevent them from doing so.