Some people may have some gastro problems during the week of Pesach.[others feel fine because they eat less]

A small medical hint: one can get this year [past years I did not find them, but they probably were also available] spices with a good hechsher from ta-am-ve reach [there may be others as well of course]

Good to have at home : seeds of anise, fennel [shumar], dill [shamir] ,cardamom [ hel ] at leas t[ A shkenazim have to find out what is forbiddern for them!!]

If one suffer from gas or an upset stomach it may be useful to chew some of these seeds

Dill may make a bit sleepy [ language hint: dill same letters as dull]

Try to stay away from all the Pesach cookies……..i saw how still everything[ this was [anno 2018] is still made with the worst fats…..alas.