Hirsch, Samson

In this political life, THE DANGER is EVER PRESENT THAT ECONOMY AND POLITICS BECOME THE TWO GODS OF MAN, and GOD, who should be the beginning and the end of all human effort, is effaced, and all the claims of truth and justice, of morality, of holiness and of love, claims which bring human life into harmony with God, and crown it with dignity and importance, with salvation and blessing, have at most to be satisfied with only a fragment of the incense-laden feast, and often do not get even that fragment, because they add nothing to wealth that is purely industrial and political, but on the contrary, frequently require sacrifices of strength and power. The danger is so imminent, and it should not befall Israel; indeed, Israel was sent for the very purpose of averting this danger!

Hirsch, Samson The Jewish Sabbath (p. 70). Unknown. Kindle Edition.