Reminder to all: see the past emails sent about this mineral.
Zinc is an important mineral with many functions and is also extremely important in supporting our immune system. A lack can easily show up in:
The older population, nursing homes.
Those with a poor diet
Those using medicines like ACE blockers
Those using stomach acid neutralizers[omepradex etc.]

Many children are low in zinc.

A lack of zinc may also affect the” smell function”[loss of smell] and food may become without a taste for children and may reduce their appetite
These days I would like to advise most people to take extra zinc [as piccolinate] 20-30 mg before sleep[best absorbed when there is no food in the stomach]
For children, a convenient, tasty supplement is available under the name of Flavozinc ….see the mail about children’s doses, which I sent to all of you these past weeks.
Please add zinc to your daily routine but do not take more than I recommend.