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Can Supplements Ease Diabetic Neuropathy?

Scientists have not studied non-drug alternatives as thoroughly as the medications used to ease diabetic neuropathy. However, there are some possibilities. One meta-analysis found that a capsaicin skin patch worked about as well as pregabalin, gabapentin or duloxetine without the most disturbing side effects (Clinical Therapeutics, April 2017).

You might want to ask your doctor about a couple of supplements, however. Benfotiamine, a synthetic form of the B vitamin thiamine, may be helpful. Alpha lipoic acid (abbreviated ALA) may also be beneficial (Minerva Medica, Oct. 2017). Significantly, researchers believe that both these compounds ease diabetic neuropathy by treating the underlying disruption of blood vessels and nerves. They don’t simply offer symptomatic relief.

My remark: maybe liver is the best source of ALA