• Eruvin 65a

“Rabbi I’lai said, ‘A person’s character is discerned in three ways: his ‘cup’, his ‘wallet’ and his anger’.”

Aside from the wise message taught by this Sage, he also worded this teaching in a quite clever and “poetic” manner in his Hebrew statement. He called the “three ways” as follows: “b’Koso, b’Kiso u’v’Ka’aso”.

Rashi explains that these are three ways to determine if a person is proper, and he elaborates on each of these traits. According to Rashi the first way – Koso, his cup — is a reference to the way he deports himself when drinking wine; whether his thinking is still focused. Kiso, his wallet — is a check to see if his financial dealings with others are fair and honest. The third way — Ka’aso, his anger — is discerning that he is not excessively strict towards his fellow person.