From a new intriguing book, seems to me.

The key paediatric symptoms of ACHERONTIA ATROPOS
1. Feeling abandoned
 As with all butterflies.
2. Link with honey and bees
These children can have allergies to bee stings. They can also be
mad about honey.
3. Cutaneous symptoms
 Often urticaria or eczema. Also Quincke’s oedema.
4. Good remedy for mercurial, restless children, link with pirates
These indications are found in butterfly children who suffer
from attention deficit disorder. They also love pirate stories and
dressing up.

5. Suffocation
All the provers have shown signs of suffocation. (As we know,
this moth can die by being suffocated in a bee hive…)
In conclusion: knowing about butterflies in general, and ACHERONTIA
ATROPOS characteristics, in particular, can lead to its prescription in very
precise cases.
It is interesting to note the common points between this moth’s life cycle
and the two existing provings.