Here is just the tip of the iceberg. Whole books can be written about Miso and this is not my expertise. What I want to bring to your attention: Miso is a portion of real healthy food. It is very salt but does not raises blood pressure [may even lower it]while the same amount of table salt certainly would do

Miso is fermented and Aspergillus is the main ingredient for this but also Bacillus has an important function in this process, the last is -as it seems-nearly always found in Chinese miso but not always in Japanese or Korean miso.

This makes Miso rich in the so important vitamin K2 [Mk7] .!!, lacking in so mamy diets

Whenever you can, enrich your meals with Miso which is a healthy legume and has all the benefits of fermented food at the same time.

Don’t buy just any brand of Miso and -alas- I would not suggest buying Israeli miss unless the producer can show us how they prepare the miso.