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Evidence suggests that sufficient consumption of
fruits and vegetables can lower the risk of
cataracts in humans [12]. Flavonoids are a large
family of phytochemicals that are widely
distributed in fruits and vegetables. Rutin (3, 3’,
4’, 5, 7-pentahydroxyflavone-3-rhamnoglucoside)
is a flavonoid which is abundantly present in
citrus fruits such as lime, oranges, lemons and
grapefruits [13]. Rutin possess antioxidant
activities [14], as well as neuroprotective [15],
anti-diabetic [16], and anti-cancer effects [17].
Considering the wide pharmacological properties
of rutin, the present investigation was carried out
to study its effect on RGC survival and TGFβ2/AKT/PTEN/Smad pathways in experimental glaucoma.