thinking that the world was possibly interested in solving the problem….

As it seems it maybe still be important to see again alll the material about Portulacaas things -G-d forbid- may start over again in some degree?

June 10, 2020  · 

This was sent as a reply to some giant pharmaceutical companies who sent an invitation for an online congress on the newest corona vaccinations……

Dear Sir ,

I am sending your announcement to all of my patients and I am sure they may join your conference happily, the more so-I suppose- if you are willing to look into the attached file about the Herb Portulaca.

May the Almighty see all our efforts, small or minuscule -everyone in this field-to try to get to a better world, a world free of greediness and full of pure good intentions.

Harold jitschak bueno de mesquita, physician in Jerusalem