Probably every small child in Israel can pronounce the words cholesterol and calcium as they may have heard these words tens of times from their parents or family members.
Silica maybe not be a word they connect with anything.
An American child may dream of the USA household word “strep”!
The whole story here is to bring to your attention that there is an excellent”natural drug” made from a fermented Chinese food product called RED YEAST RICE

Many Israeli may be familiar with Lipitor and other statins
They may have heard and seen endless videos about cholesterol and lipids .
An extremely complicated biochemistry subject, but it all “comes down” to:
Do I take statins or not?
The whole problem became far more complicated when many doctors and hospitals were corrupted by lovely presents from the pharmaceutical industry to make their business a multi-billion one with the sale of statins. It was even suggested to put it in our drinking water!
Why this long story? To explain something about the option of RED YEAST RICE
Because statins were developed [“stolen”, the idea at least] from a thousand years old Chinese food called RED YEAST RICE. It is a long story, and probably nowhere has the FDA shown to be more corrupt than in the whole story of RYR, which will cost me a whole evening to describe [so you may go to the internet and read about it if you are interested.
Probably Misrad ha-Briut [The Israeli “FDA”] will not allow the official import of RYR.

If you are told that you should take statins, then consider instead of this RYR, but only a good brand!! If you are taking for years statins, then don’t change without speaking with your doctor[if he nows about RYR]
The only statin you could consider at the moment is the one which has been well tested by ConsumerLab: Chlestene 600 mg per capsule
It is since long not available from Iherb [fear for the FDA?],but I will send a link to you in case you want to discuss it with your doctor. The delivery may take a few weeks.