Nutrition and [memtal health]
Some of you may be “insulted” by receiving this simple, clear message…..I have known all this for long, you may say!
In this case, do you try to influence your neighbour and their children and teachers or even melamdim/rabbanim who think that many children may be born with a lack of Ritalin their blood…?
Walk around in any supercell [supermarket in Israel and you may realize-with a little bit of knowledge- that some 80% or more on the shelves -as packed and proce3ssed food-is “FIT FOR THE DUSTBIN”[pach]. Baruch ha-Shem, the aisles of fruits and vegetables are rapidly increasing and should be heavily subsidized instead of new “shining” hospital departments
How is it possible that in our super-society, this is all allowed to be marketed /sold in the name
of “democracy, maybe? Yes, we still have an egel zahav [golden calf] in our midst…unbridled craving for quick, cheap earnings together with stock markets in pharmaceuticals.
May we pray to get leaders in the health sector who have the courage to make changes her not be afraid for their political chair. Doctors are hardly trained in this field and are often too involved with the pharmaceutical industry. May this soon changes for the good!