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A short article written by Don Lepre [1985], fitting before Ashkenazi] Pesach

HORSERADISH (Ammor Acia Lapathi Folia):
Part used:
Horseradish contains rich amounts of Vitamins B1 and C and
minerals Sulfur and Potassium. Horseradish also contains Vitamins A,
B-complex, P, and minerals Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron and Sodium.
Horseradish contains a lot of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and Sinigrin.
Horseradish will promote stomach secretion to stimulate digestion.
Horseradish will also clear up sinus congestion and clear the nasal
passage of infection. Horseradish will activate the kidneys to promote
urination. Horseradish is sometimes helpful in expelling worms from
the body. Horseradish does have antibiotic action.
NOTE: Horseradish left in contact with the skin can cause blistering.
Avoid contact with the eyes.