Amazing that it took at least 50 years to come to the most well-known basics of proper nutrition, even if there is no standard diet for everyone, but the most damaging habits are summarized in this article.

Thanks G-d , better late than never

Principles of a sensible diet with endometriosis:

  1. Reduction of processed / ultra-processed foods: This is an industrial food to which various additives have been added, such as flavorings, preservatives, emulsifiers, food colors and more. Instead eat simple raw foods such as vegetables, fruits, fish, legumes, whole grains, goat yogurt, greens etc.
  2. Reducing white sugar, sweets and sugary drinks, and preferring complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, depending on tolerance, while addressing digestive problems. Try to reduce eating sweets and choose homemade substitutes such as: dark chocolate bars with tahini / natural peanut butter, almond flour-based pastries, sugar-free nut spreads. ETC!! see link belopw