Cloves are a spice known by most people.

It has been praised for its many medical features.

The best it is known for dental pain: chewing on a clove bud works rapidly against toothache.

It has been shown to be a powerful anti-Helicobacter spice.

My biggest experience with cloves is against nausea..[and stomach pain] I have seen the most stubborn nausea disappearing after slowly drinking clove tea [ 1/4 teaspoon powder as a tea] when nothing else worked. I don’t remember where I learned this, but this indication is softened not mentioned in books discussing spices

It works as an antiplatelet aggregation [neged krisha] compound as well and may be especially useful in acute angina or suspected heart attacks when aspirin can’t be taken [ it is likely not less effective than aspirin. Always have some cloves in your kitchen!