where this word is not known by now is the Amazon jungle [and possible a few other places]

Possibly you have heard how this drug came in the world ….to treat river-blindness caused by onchocerca [the Blinding worm] This has been a tremendous blessing for Africa.

Below you can read a simple explanation about this disease from the book :Where there is no doctor

Few medicines in the world may have caused more division in medicine than this BLESSED drug for the prevention of [RIVER]blindness. Concerning Covid -19 it has caused the biggest strife in the world.

Suddenly it became a dangerous poison…... The future will teach us the truth!

Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care Handbook is a healthcare manual published by Hesperian Health Guides. Based on David Werner’s experiences at his Project Piaxtla in western Mexico, it was originally written in 1970 in Spanish as Donde No Hay Doctor.[citation needed] It has since been revised multiple times, sold over one million copies, and been translated into over 100 languages