To appreciate the miracles of creation one just may have to look at the working of some simple herbs

Fumaria is one of them. In Western herbal medicine Fumaria officinalis is probably the best known

Many herbs are blessed with a special mechanism the makes it easy to use.

They have an amphoteric effect…… They are an ” AUTOMATIC PILOT”.[see explanation below]
Sometimes the gallbladder may excrete too little bile and sometimes too much.

Fumaria will automatically! correct this situation.…no manipulation of our side requested !
Too little: bile: fumaria will stimulate in this case bile secretion, too much bile fumaria will inhibit the secretion.
This is called in European literature: amphoteric effect and I called it in modern terms: “automatic pilot.”
This is THE HUGE DIFFERENCE between nature and human engineering. To the best of my knowledge, not a single human-made drug can have the same effect [self-regulating.
There are many more plants/foods which this mechanism.
Soy [ whole soy, not an extract from certain chemicals in the soybean will do the same to estrogen and is therefore so useful in breast cancer treatment [for many years oncologists forbid the use of soy for breast cancer patients!]
Chamomile may do the same: overactive, worried person [can’t sleep]: will relax, but in case of tiredness chamomile may stimulate!
For life-saving situations superfluous to say that synthetic drug should have their place [with all possible side effects], they can even be combined with herbal drugs or other supplements

May we start recognizing the benefits of herbs -of our Creation-over drugs [even if these drugs have a base in plants but are highly concentrated by the producer or only a few active components have been extracted from the plant, very often only for commercial reasons so that the plant can be patented! 

Below is copied from the Internet:

Fumaria officinalis-fumitory or earth smoke-is a medicinal plant that has long had a role to play in empirical medicine in numerous countries. A review of the literature, however, reveals very few studies that support its use for dermatological indications (milk crust, eczema, scabies, etc.) or as a diuretic or laxative. This contrasts with its use to treat functional diseases of the biliary system. Although no placebo-controlled studies have been done, a number of empirical reports, clinical case reports and animal experimental studies have been published. Accordingly, in Germany, Fumaria officinalis is approved for the indication “colicky pain affecting the gallbladder and biliary system, together with the gastrointestinal tract”. Indian species of FumariA

Spasmogenic and spasmolytic effect

In vitro, the crude extract of F. indica and its fractions showed spasmogenic and spasmolytic effects due to the presence of cholinergic and calcium channel blockade constituents, which may explain the respective traditional use of the F. indica in constipation and diarrhea[30].[my remark: amphoteric effect[