Among other cats [my wife may earn heaven with the treatment of all of them] we have one young one who joined the club a few months ago [I never saw such an “intelligent” and playfully cat . Suddenly a few days ago he became listless and even could not stand on his legs.

It took me a while to think about the possibility of giving B12 even if I have written hundreds of times about this

Anyhow, my wife gave him a “sticky” for cats with some 250 mcg of B 2 hidden in it and behold: 2 minutes later he could stand on his leg again! Hard to believe if we had not seen this with our own eyes. For some of my critical colleges/patients….this is of course not EBM,but the cat does not care less!

For all honesty, my wife also gave him some moxypen [an save antibiotic for cats]] as she thought that he may have a hidden UTI [which seems to be common in male cats[not male human beings!] as I learned from my wife] but the “resurrection” was too abrupt to think that this was the reason

He will get now monthly a bit of B12…[he is not a vegan…]