About 3 to 4 years ago a pregnant woman [a patient of mine] asked me if I had any suggestion for her and her baby in utero as she was diagnosed with active CMV and the repeated ultrasounds showed little hope for the baby to be born with any healthy organs!! [according to the specialist’s

Thank G-d the mother had a strong emuna [trust in G-d] and therefore could go relatively quiet through pregnancy.

I spent maby hours looking through anything I could find {echinacea was clear to me without even searching] and combined a few supplements/herbs which very strong antiviral [also against CMV] properties.]

I prescribed her the following:

Tincture of: LICORICE LIQ EXTR /TERMINALAI/URTICA!/WAKAME/ECHINACEA/CHLORELLA/ ARTEMESIN/CARDAMOM and one single tablet CMV as homeopathy [or better as isopathy] ,strength CM[ [from Ainsworths,,London]

Baruch Ha-Shem the “bad prophecies” of the doctors were reversed by the Almighty and the baby was born “whole”[no organ damages] but with some hypo-hypertonia for which she sought physio therapeutic help.

Tonight I heard that she [the mother] was diagnosed with non-Hodglin lymphoma and that caused me to look up again the “old formula” and I will suggest that she takes this again as when she had CMV while pregnant, praying that this will be effective as it was for the baby [with whatever other therapy she may receive]

There is a connection between CMV and lymphoma according to the literature.

Turmeric is a very important addition for lymphoma treatment.

If any of you in the medical profession may have to deal with CMV during pregnancy then maybe you want to use the same formula with whatever you feel necessary to add.

It would be a pity that many hours of search would not be used by others if necessary.

If possible pray also for this “unnamed” mother!

I did not think about portulaca at that time but now I would have added it as well.

I wonder if this very potent antiviral formula could also save lives in serious Corona cases.