The last ten days or so I got quite a few telephones from patients [or others] with fever [most of them were negative for Corona]
Many of them stopped taking Portulaca , as it seems.
For many years I have advised Portulaca for any flu and it has been shown to be extremely effective [there is also an official article from Taiwan about Portulaca and flu which I also sent in the past]
I started using Portulaca since the swine flu and for me, it becomes more and more clear that we are in a time of extreme corruption in the world [even the WHO which has a huge database on plants [phototherapy] ignores totally this plant and for sure the big companies like Pfizer[no patents possible on this plant] would l”be happy if it did not exist”.
I advise all my patients and those who are willing to listen to continue this winter portulaca and echinacea 2x 30 drops of each for adults. Leave portulaca out in pregnancy.Even if there would be no corona-covid around anymore!
Wishing you all a healthy winter!