Used in India [and now all over the world] for medical and ritual reasons, related to our kitchen [garden] baslicum [“rechan: in Hebrew]

Excellent for stress, anxiety, tiredness,memory,ADD, after head trauma.
I have often given it for headaches with good results.I am quite sure that it will also help with stress-induced hypertension
Helps to regulate blood sugar .blood lipids,,it is used in flu and other [viral] infections, fever, for gastrointestinal problems, .for brain fog and for many more reasons,

Also, take it for a while before and after radiation.
One needs only small doses of Tulsi

Tea: 1 to 2 tsp dried herb,let stand for 15 minutes,2-3 cups per day. Capsules: Capsules: 2-3x day 500 mg [more or less]

A safe herb, often used in India by pregnant women [but this should be your own decision, for sure better than many drugs given in pregnancy] For nausea.