Today I saw in Artscroll a reference to the Talmud from the Parasha [Chayee Sara] that was read this Shabbat about Rivka who gave Eliezer to drink from her pitcher.[kad] The reference was to Talmud-Avoda Zara daf 29where all kinds of [sometimes strange healing methods ] are described in our Western modern eyes.

I copy direct below here from Rav Steinsaltz Talmud such a piece:

where the remedy for a woman in labor is described and the Hebrew word KAD is mentioned. This by the waythe reason why I looked up tonight the daf-page in the Talmud.

What was more interesting for me was the description of a condition called UNKALI which is not explained –as it seems- anywhere – but which Rav Steinsaltz does describe in his edition of Avoda Zara daf 29 a

Even not Preuss in his biblical and Talmudic medicine [ a standard work] gives a clue.

When I read this it gives me to think of a condition that I have treated various times [ it is probably not very common] and where the treatment takes a second to two.

If this is totally not what the Talmud means then I have not done any harm I suppose as this has no halachic consequences.

If you think to suffer from something looking like this then I hope that Parashat Chayee Sara may have helped you.

The condition looks very much like slipping rib syndrome

I have looked extensively on the Internet and found only one single simple video which is showing the condition “slipping rib syndrome” in a easy to understand description

Hooking Maneuver – Test for Slipping Rib Syndrome – YouTub

Amazing how many other videos make things complicated or give in my opinion disinformation about this condition.