Important for all problems of heart and blood vessels [in fact all problems: arrhythmia, hypertension angina pectoris, CHF] and for diabetes.
One of the first things one must add if there are gum problems!
Now after Corona with so many people being left tired it should be tried [energy production]
People using statins should take Q 10 as well, sorely ignored by most cardiologists.
It “recycles” vitamin E in the body.
Many indications-except from what already mentioned above:
–breast cancer and many other cancers probably
–muscular problems[dystrophy]
–infertility etc etc

Food sources: fish, organ meat [heart! liver, kidney], whole grains
Sunlight does increase Q10 levels!

Supplement dose: ask your doctor 50-100 mg with food [or rarely more]
Many good brands

From Dr Wright:
A ground-breaking 5-year study published in the International Journal of Cardiology has shown that a daily supplement of CoQ10 cuts the number of deaths from heart disease by more than 50 per cent.

The Swedish researchers led by Professor Urban Alehagen conducted a trial on 443 volunteers aged between 70 and 88. Half the participants took daily supplements of 200mg of CoQ10 together with 200mcg of selenium, while the other half were given a placebo.

After a 5 year follow-up, researchers found that TWICE as many people in the placebo group had died of cardiovascular disease than in the CoQ10 group. What’s more, they found that those in the CoQ10 group had significant improvement in heart muscle function.