In older herbals -some 50 years ago- lucerne was far more discussed than now, I think.
It was mentioned for cholesterol problems , for diabetes, especially for arthritis and for more. There was also a warning not to use it in cases of lupus but this has been shown to be true only for the seeds and the sprouts in large doses, not for the leaves [the herb]
Alfalfa is high in natural hormones [phytoestrogens]
As alfalfa contains also some calcium,vitmin D and vitaminK it can be very useful for osteoporosis-bone loss- on top of its us for high cholesterol, for diabetes, for arthritis and for menopause problems [hot flashes, night sweats]

Alfalfa is considered to be safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding in herbalists
It is widely used -as food- in veterinary medicine and seems to improve the quality of milk and strengthen animals.
Dose: up to 1.5 gram or more per day

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