carried out one of World War II’s most notable acts of heroism.

Read the story about “their HEAVILY price”-as I see it-more than 50 years later!!

What may Denmark and Yitro have in common?
Well, a couple of years ago -now nearly some 20 years-I wrote the Danish Embassy [ this is not my daily “work”…] to transfer my blessings-as a doctor from Jerusalem-to tell them how impressed I was with their decision to ban nearly all trans-fatty acids from their products, as the first country in the world.
I wrote to them why I thought they may have been the first to take this decision[see below], not only by their “logic reasoning”, but by being blessed.
A bit of background which you probably all know by now:
For at least some 40 years it is known how damaging artificial fats/oils can be.
When I came to Israel I soon came to know the book of the American Psychiatrist Rudolph Ballentine [Diet and Nutrition] which tremendously influenced me in all fields of medicine and since 30 [now 40 years or so I have been advising patients what fats or oils to use [all in the merit of Dr Ballentine]
I could hardly believe that all this was published scientifically and known and that virtually nobody paid any attention to all this knowledge.
Some where around 2001 Denmark started banning these damaging fats/oils.[very officailly a bit later]
I wondered how it came that Denmark was the only country in the world which started implementing the consequences of a since long known fact.
Every country could have known!
This implementation would mean without the slightest doubt that from old to young, disease and mortality would go down.[see later on]
Could anybody think about a bigger blessing??
Give every citizen an extra a million and car accidents and disease may increase.
This blessing [like all blessings of course] must have been in this case a special Heavenly One.
[to bless a whole population with instant increasing health]
Suddenly I had an idea [and this, of course, is just my idea and anybody permitted in denying it [but maybe one should consider it at least……]
One is not allowed to judge why disasters happen to countries or to individuals.
But it seems to me [and I asked a Rav about this] that if especially good things are happening to a group/country we not only allowed to think why these happened but more so to spread our thoughts.
Denmark may have been repaid “Good for Good” [Mida ke-neged Mida ] by the Almighty and “Good for Good” should be recognizable [meaning what one gets back should be clearly connected with one’s deeds good or bad]
DENMARK SAVED -more than any other country- the Jews in the second world-war……and now G-d gave their Government the insight to change a law to save their own population: LIFE FOR LIFE—mida ke-neged mida
I could not but write to the Danish embassy about this and I did this with big emotions to tell you honestly.[I never got an answer from them]

And now the connection between Denmark and Yitro?
Denmark saw [with the help of G-d,they may not even have realized this ] all that was examined and took the consequences and came…….to change things, just as Yitro came after he heard all that G-d had done for Israel [and did not stay in this place, as an “onlooker”]
Following the ban, cardiovascular mortality dropped considerably, while the trends of adolescent and child obesity came to a halt and decreased significantly.

Professor Steen Stender is the cardiologist in Denmark who became the driving force behind the decision to ban trans fats there. He says: “Between the introduction of the ban in 2000 and 2005, we saw heart disease rates in this country decline by 20 per cent. What more proof does the EU need before it dispenses with ineffective food labelling ideas and voluntary codes and introduces a level playing field for the food industry throughout the EU where no trans fats are used anywhere?”