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Only randomized placebo-controlled studies can serve

Here is described a very old drug fenofibrate which also seems to be used for high Triglycerides. [ see attachment with a very important remark from Dr Simcha Shapiro.

High triglycerides are often part of the so-called “metabolic syndrome [overweight, hypertension,[pre]diabetes,low HDL etc]

Interesting that one of the highest risks factors in COVID is overweight!! [an extreme risk factor] and we know that overweight is often connected with higher triglycerides and that high triglycerides are connected with increased thrombosis risks and of cardiovascular events

Did the government put EXTREME taxes on soft drinks and the like?? NO, BECAUSE WE LIVE IN A DEMOCRATIC STATE but hardly so when it comes to demanding vaccinations. This may have been far more effective than all vaccinations.

Can it be that also one of the positive mechanisms of fenofibrate in COVID is also the reduction of the high-risk factor triglycerides?

Food for thought.