For years, I am speaking to myself and to some friends about this issue.

If you think that I am talking non-sense , please write me this but DO tell me than what the non-sense is.

How is it possible that we have a country with the best army in the world and that we can’t think about simple solutions.

There has been frequent wide destruction by big tree /bushes/agriculture fires in Israel .

The damage is undescribable, and who can imagine how much this cost us every year.

We have a relative small country. What would it cost to have during the special dry months in Israel day and night a “helicopter-army” [or whatever other method ] in the air [10-30-50??] to “survey” the whole county and to act as soon as possible in case of a beginning fire?

If you tell me that we need many hundreds or thousands of helicopters for this purpose [would drones also help?? ] then I may have written non-sense.

If you agree please help to do something if Memshelet Israel is not capable of “acting”.

Are we too much a country which likes action instead of prevention? I started thinking so already for so many years.

May G-d help me be honest in my writing and not to do this for any other purpose than for constructive purposes.