oleracea [reglat ha-gina]רְגֵלַת הַגִּנָּה

I am resending you one of my first articles where I describe why I choose to use Portulaca for every flu since 2009 and later for corona . This did not come to me in a “prophecy” but by reading a special article and by searching.

Until now-thanks G-d- I have seen only good things from this plant [vegetable] which we use in a tincture [as it only grows in hot seasons]

I have sent the file to probably over a hundred sites on the internet including Mercol.com and many other big sites but for reasons known to the Creator only, everyone chose to ignore it except for many of my patients who are “faithfully ” sticking to the herb.

Only during pregnancy I have preferred not to advise it as it may cause early contractions.

I am trying to get [before the shemita year] someone grow the plant in a huge field so that it can be [freeze]dried and -when G-d allows-be used for the benefit of all of Israel.

I have seen on the internet that it has been used in Haiti and in Taiwan for corona-covid-19, probably by individuals.