If anyone of you would like to act a bit “prophetically” and probably also -B”H-may make a big profit then I would like you to call me.
It is about planting portulaca NOW [before the shemita year] in a big field which one may have to hire,if you are not in the possession of such a field.
[even if there was no shemita Portulaca grows only in the warm months]
I am not a farmer, but I know that portulaca oleracea grows very easily with minimal care.
A huge amount could then be harvested before the shemita year and dried or even better freeze-dried [which can be stored for very long]

I know for sure [with human certainty and wiht years of experience ]that Portulaca is the best anti-flu herb[prevention and treatment] against all the strains we had.
You can find many articles about it on wordpress and also why I started using it in 2009.

Search for one of these words:
covid-9/portulaca/corona and even flu.
In the past year[or 1 1/2 year] I have seen it working great as a prophylaxis for Corona [I suggested this because of the good results we had with flu] and also as a treatment if given before very critical situations and I only can pray that this will continue to be the case.

Portulaca tremendously can protect the lungs form edema![Fluid accumulation]
Only from Haiti and Taiwan[especially] there is evidence that Portulaca is well known and Taiwan has published especially about the anti-flu effect of portulaca, but this was for “obvious reasons” [to me] ignored by the “scientific world”, including the WHO!

In Haiti, it has been used at least by one person/clinic for Corona.
No doubt that Pfizer should have in their HUGE data-base the herb somewhere ,but maybe in a small “corner”[it could be a big danger!]