Why are we so enslaved in Israel to American organizations? Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh….

Let we always remember has the USA was a great place for Jews during bad times in the world and that they inherited “Tora-principles” and helped Israel a lot!

But can’t we differentiate between this and an organization like the FDA…..?

“For aducanumab, the evidence that its manufacturer, Biogen, submitted to the F.D.A. showed no convincing effect on patients’ cognitive decline. Its two main trials were stopped early in 2019 because the company concluded its drug did not work. 

Even worse, although aducanumab was tested only in patients with mild disease, the F.D.A. inexplicably approved it for use in any person with Alzheimer’s, regardless of severity. It enters the market now as a monthly intravenous infusion with a $56,000 annual price tag and the need for regular M.R.I. scans to monitor for the possible brain swelling it can cause.”