Essential Oil of Rhododendron

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GC-MS of Essential Oil of Rhododendron anthopogon D. Don and Its Biological Properties

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The chemical composition of a sample of anthopogon oil was investigated by means of GC-MS. The antiproliferative activities on human cancer cells were also evaluated. In addition preliminary data on antibacterial and antifungal activities were obtained. GC-MS analysis of the anthopogon oil led to the identification of the majority of the components as a-Pinene (37.39%), b-Pinene (15.98 %), Limonene (13.26%), and δ-Cadinene (9.91%). For the three of the cell lines; ovarian (2008), cervix (A-431) and colon (LoVo), a very significant cell growth inhibition was pointed out with the two highest doses used. Decrease of cell proliferation occurred in the same way on 2008, A-431 and LoVo: the values of IC50 experimentally obtained were 246.1, 213.5 and 236.6 mg/ml, respectively.


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