It may seem surprising that X-rays can be used in homeopathic doses. The product is prepared by diluting and potentiating an alcohol solution which has been exposed to X-rays. This remedy has often worked well in my experience [Dr Didier Grandgeorge!] for patients who have been subjected to massive doses of radiation (radiation therapy for cancer, for example) and who complain of nausea, fatigue, rheumatic pains, and eczema (one dose of 15 CH).

In the same line of thinking, there is a remedy called “Sol,” which is prepared from lactose (milk sugar) exposed to direct sunlight. This is an excellent remedy for people who suffer from the least exposure to the sun, as the following observation shows.

Observation Mary Frances, age 38, has a rare form of psoriasis: the lesions appear upon her first exposure to the sun, and become worse each time she is exposed, until they cover almost her entire body. All the products recommended by the dermatologist are made with cortisone. When she tells me of her symptoms, I advise her to take Sol 7 CH each time she is exposed to the sun. In fact, three doses are enough to make these troubles disappear, which is fortunate for someone living on the sunny Mediterranean coast (Côte d’Azur).

Several years later, her dermatologist, seeing no further trace of
psoriasis, finds out from her that I have given her a homeopathic
remedy that worked wonders. He immediately asks the name of this
miracle product. When she tells him it was Sol 7 CH, a dilution of
sunlight, he doesn’t believe a word!