I am taking the freedom to copy one homeopathic remedy from the book of the French homeopath: Didier Grandgeorge. There are so many great homeopaths in the world, but I feel that this homeopath had the ruach ha-kosesh [the “blessed” spirit] in homeopathy, to avoid the loaded word holy spirit]

Sulphuricum acidum

The accident The theme of accidents is one of the most important for people who benefit from Sulphuricum acidum. Somewhere in their history, there was an accident that changed everything, an accident for which they felt responsible (or for which a feeling of guilt has been transmitted to them). It may be an illegitimate birth experienced as an accident by the family, or a real accident with loss of a loved one. Sulphuricum acidum’s skin is easily marked (Arnica, Lachesis, Pulsatilla). Like Medorrhinum, this remedy tries to stay ahead of events. These people are hurried, and because of their great haste and activity (Argentum nitricum), they actually do perpetuate accidents, repeating the “original sin.” We find canker sores (aphthae) in the mouth, especially in children (Borax); an exaggerated sensitivity to insect stings, streptococcus and staphylococcus infections; excess acidity (sour perspiration, acidic leukorrhea). This remedy is complementary to Pulsatilla.

(Page 138).

Grandgeorge ‘s book is full of homeopathic pearls which can’t be found in every homeopathic book.

Highly recommended!!