see video below [believe me , I don’t envy anyone, and I am happy if someone feels good. I just wonder if all this issue was “clean” from the beginning already, and I think it is high time to investigate the secret between the Israeli government and Pfizer [ I don’t mean the medical details they give to Pfizer but about the secret that was published and that is meant to be kept “between closed doors” for some 20 years or so!!

By the way: the 1000.000 could have been given to Israelis in financial stress……..but maybe Dr Fauci was so great and transferred his donation to a special account in Israel for those in need…..!?

“Why Did You Dismiss The Lab-Leak Theory?”: Rubio Grills Fauci On Past Statements Of COVID-19 Origin – YouTube

Again I am [re] sending to you a very disturbing graphic.

If this is true and not falsified then I wonder why it seems not to raise questions in anyone about the vaccination campaign except by a few people who are totally ignored.

Whatever: may we all be healthy and spared from any tribulations!