From Margeret Tyler: Homoeopathic drug pictures

But we must get back to Aesculus, and here one remembers in war days a
very suffering nurse, who had attended a cold and humid funeral, with the
result that she did not know how she was to go on duty, because of the awful
pain in the lower part of her back; a pain that would not let her stoop, or rise
from stooping. The Repertory was asked for the remedy—Aesculus, and she
was given a dose and sent to lie down. In a couple of hours she reappeared
happy and ready for work, and one heard no more of the backache. There are
people who have an idea that Homœopathy is slow. Is it! In simple acute
sickness nothing can be quicker; only it must be Homœopathy; i.e. the
symptoms in patient and drug must correspond. The worst of working by law
is, that it won’t work when it isn’t law! Give it a fair chance if you want to
pull it off. But one must allow that it is sometimes difficult. But you will find
that “the more you put into it, the more you get out


……………and we learn that “the nuts are carried in the pocket to avoid, or to cure

By the way, people carry a horse chestnut about in their clothing “to cure