One jewel I heard once about a homeopathic remedy: Belladonna!!

Date: May 25, 2021Author: harold jitschak bueno de mesquita0 Comments— Edit

I think it was from a homeopathic physician in Argentina a long time ago who lectured in Jerusalem.

Belladonna: most parents will know the name of this remedy

One aspect which not all books mention: a “belladonna child” is described as an uttermost good child when he is healthy, an “example” of goodness……sharing his toys with others etc[ We say here: yeled tov Yerushalayim]

I some books you will find described: an Angel when healthy and a”devil” when sick.

So the question was asked……….all fine and well but what does belladonna do then for the child who is sick with belladonna symptoms except from making him better [will send you a copy of belladonna from the book of J.P Jain highlights of homoeopathic materia medica [an excellent book!]

The child will get better but does it prevents anything in the future?

A genius answer[very likely based on experience]: the child who needs belladonna is indeed a very good child , will share his toys with others etc, but he can’t do otherwise-so to speak- and the very fact that he often [has to] do so / does this may make him sick….it is a “provoking” factor in the constitution of the child to get sick.

Once he gets a [high] potency of belladonna this may prevent him from getting sick in the future! But he still will be the same good child,of course.

This is the genus of homeopathy and maybe only a few homeopaths may realize this to this deep level as was clear from the questions asked at that lecture……….. I was lucky to be at this lecture.