Don’t care if this got a ‘permission”…from whoever!

Today I sent to you a more than disgusting video about laboratory animal[monkey]experiments to my vision TOTALLY UNNECESSARY.

If I am not wrong then this is an article about one of these”clean torture” experiments on beautiful white paper!

I will not mention one of the names of the researchers because-if I am not wrong- he passed away as far as I could discover. May all this people do teshuva.

Annals of NeurologyOriginal ArticleFree Access

Diffuse axonal injury and traumatic coma in the primate

Dr Thomas A. Gennarelli MDLawrence E. Thibault ScDJ. Hume Adams MB, PhD, FRCPathDavid I. Graham MB, PhD, MRCPathCarson J. Thompson MDRobert P. Marcincin MDFirst published: December 1982 948PDFTOOLSSHARE


Traumatic coma was produced in 45 monkeys by accelerating the head without impact in one of three directions. The duration of coma, degree of neurological impariment, and amount of diffuse axonal injury (DAI) in the brain were directly related to the amount of coronal head motion used. Coma of less than 15 minutes (concussion) occurred in 11 of 13 animals subjected to sagittal head motion, in 2 of 6 animals with oblique head motion, and in 2 of 26 animals with full lateral head motion. All 15 concussed animals had good recovery, and none had DAI. Conversely, coma lasting more than 6 hours occurred in none of the sagittal or oblique injury groups but was present in 20 of the laterally injured animals, all of which were severely disabled afterward. All laterally injured animals had a degree of DAI similar to that found in severe human head injury. Coma lasting 16 minutes to 6 hours occurred in 2 of 13 in the sagittal group, 4 of 6 in the oblique group, and 4 of 26 in the lateral group; these animals had less neurological disability and less DAI than when coma lasted longer than 6 hours. These experimental findings duplicate the spectrum of traumatic coma seen in human beings and include axonal damage identical to that seen in severe head injury in humans. Since the amount of DAI was directly proportional to the severity of injury (duration of coma and quality of outcome), we conclude that axonal damage produced by coronal head acceleration is a major cause of prolonged traumatic coma and its sequelae.