If you are young, and you want to avoid the risk of Parkinson-G-d forbid- at an early age then check the link below and find out if you are working in a job/or with substances which may tremendous increase the risk for Parkinson [such as TCE]

https://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/csem/trichloroethylene/where_found.html TCE SEE if you are exposed

In any job where you are working with materials try to find out the risks and if necessary find another job and trust that G-d will help you. Don’t trust the authorities -in general- in this! Good nutrition-vegetables/fruits/spices -may remarkable reduce the risk of many toxins.

Agriculture is especially dangerous when so many pesticides are used. There are enough options for safe agriculture but far to little attention is given to this, I think.

It is mind-boggling that certain offices have their printers in a closed room where people are sitting/working . This increases remarkable the risk for lung diseases. The printer[s] should be in another room!

We can’t know everything or prevent everything especially as so much may not be known or we may not be aware of all the dangers so pray daily for Heavenly protection!