Resent wit some adaptations from 2009 , written in the month of Tamuz.

Aphthous ulcers —Herpes simplex —Colitis ulcerosa etc : resent

Aphthous ulcers -also called canker sores in the USA [they have nothing to do with “cancer”] are small ulcers inside the mouth ,on the tongue, inside the cheeks or lips, and on bottom of the mouth. They are painful.

They are white to yellow inside surrounded by a red border, they are not contagious .

I have seen very often aphthous ulcers disappearing after vitamin B12 injections, when tablets of B12 [cobalamin] under the tongue hardly worked, only the methylcobalamin B12 form may help. Also, a lack of iron or folic acid and some kinds of toothpaste can cause this problem,

The B12 may have to be repeated more or less frequently.

Recurring aphhtous ulcers may also be connected with inflammatory intestinal problems or with celiac disease.

One also can try to use the following tincture  [all mixed together in one bottle]

chamomile 20 cc, alchemilla vulgaris 20cc , liquorice liquid extract 10cc, echinacea20cc , althaea off. 20Cc, myrrh 10cc, for adults to take 3 times per day a teaspoon and also rinse a few times a day with a bit of this tincture in some water.

But again: recurrent aphthous ulcers are often caused by a lack of vitamin B12 and then all other solutions are not real solutions.

Herpes simplex [“Cold sores”] are caused by a herpes virus. They are little painful, blisters that usually occur on the lips, gums [chanichayim], or roof of the mouth.

One of the most effective treatments may be the use of lemon balm (Melissa officials) ointment which has antiviral properties.

If the eyes is effected one SHOULD see an eye-doctor and do what he instructs you to do,

Further treatment/prevention of recurrences]

[Discuss this with a doctor who deals with these things.]

Take twice a day a capsule of Reishi which may prevent the spread of the virus.

Eating red grapes -with the skin-can be helpful.

Propolis [bee propolis] available in drops have been shown to effective as well.

Prunella vulgaris been found to be extremely effective for a herpes keratitis. Take 3 times per day 20 to 30 drops of the tincture.

Prunella tincture may be hard to find, alas {try Amazon]  

Since long echinacea has shown to be active against herpes simplex type 1.

Wakame: certain sugars in wakame work against cytomegaly and herpes virus; It has been reported that taking an extract of wakame prevented and reduced the severity of recurrent herpes outbreaks. Daily consumption of small amounts of the reconstituted seaweed (a tablespoon of reconstituted seaweed prepared by soaking one-quarter teaspoon of dried seaweed) may lower blood pressure. The Japanese Journal of Cancer Research reports preliminary findings that daily consumption of small amounts of wakame may be more beneficial in treating certain kinds of  breast cancer in women than chemotherapy.

Further effective products are: black current, rhubarb , salvia but I will just mention these without further description.

Colitis ulcerosa: often considered in conventional medicine to be uncurable.

I have seen over the last years a few very good results with the combination of psyllium husks and the use of a proper pro biotic like reuteri pearls or culturelle.

Of course food issues are important as well.

A small hint [most of you may know already]: puree of dried plums can be used very well for preparing/frying meat, and any other foods if one does not want to use olive or sesame oil for some reason.

And for the month of tamuz [our warmest month]: cucumbers are a very cooling food.

The only creature which will not need these is the donkey, as the talmud mentions that even in tamuz the donkey still feels cold………..!

If possible eat cucumbers always with the skin[klipa] otherwise they may be very gas forming.

The combination of eating cucumbers together with tomatoes is not considered to be beneficial for digestion, so maybe we should change our Israeli minhag.

Have a cool and peaceful month.