I am sending you one of the most-for myself controversial- emails that I can send- an area I don’t understand anything about and in fact “hate it in my heart” because so often it corrupts us and the world: stock markets. I may be totally wrong, but that is how I feel it.

Somebody talked about one of these markets: Biotech….. and all the great expectations moneywise


Why do I hate it? Because it may show us that we’re going totally in the direction of technology for EVERYTHING [MAYBE a blessing for limited areas] and at the same time a hidden curse. Corona is showing us the competitive world of huge profits for vaccines and thereby every other possibility has been “killed” and excluded even with an extreme fanaticism.

I am sure some of you may not like this writing, but I see what is happening like most of you will, but if one’s longing is mostly out for quick capital; then you may dislike my writing . May we all be judged for the good in 120 years.